About Harvey Young Airport

The owners of Harvey Young airport would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our page.

Over the years, a number of different possibilities and options have been discussed and debated concerning the best use of the Harvey Young airport. The ownership has settled on a plan that will allow the airport to continue operations as an airport, far into the future and give the aviation flying community to have a stake in the property and its operations.

Through a unique purchase plan, each hangar site will be sold to a buyer, for their use and for their aircraft. The airport and the associated facilities (fuel, lights, runways and taxiways) will be owned by the property owners/stakeholders in the Harvey Young airport and put o the best use, as the owners see fit.

Each owner will have the opportunity to select their build site, the hangar that best suits their needs and other options that best suit each owner’s needs. Obviously, there will be some limitations (City code restriction, etc.) but he property and the hangar will be 100% owned by the buyer, not leased, owned.

The hangars and build out will occur in 3 phases.

Phase 1: This will be the rehabilitation of the runway and the taxiways, the extension and widening of the runways and taxiways, new markings and lighting.

Please take some time to look over the “master site plan”. Feel free to request additional information or select a site and we will forward you the additional information related to your selection.

Harvey Young is located near 129th and 21st in East Tulsa. The airport has a rich history within the Tulsa aviation community and has been in continuous operations as an airport since 1938. With the new site plan, the owner believes that the airport will become a significant general aviation and business center in east Tulsa area.

Typical days at Harvey Young yields a variety of aircraft, to include single and multi-engine aircraft, home-built planes and Warbirds. With the expected growth of Tulsa’s EastGate facility and Tulsa in general, the opportunities for growth at Harvey young, to service the aviation public are vast. With the development of the facilities, owners can expect that flight training will continue at Harvey Young, and new maintenance/repair facilities will be located on the property. Additionally, as the property continues to develop, retail outlets will begin to be located within the Harvey Young property. For the aviation centered owners, the hard-surface runway will be both extended and widened as well as resurfaced. The taxiway parallel to the runway will also be rehabilitated. The runway and taxiways will have new lighting installed as well as a new airport beacon so as to assist the property owners (aircraft owners) in night flight operations. Airport operation will be guided by a property owner/stakeholder association. Membership within the association will consist of the property owners at the airfield. Harvey Young is a public access airport, but privately owned.


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